Standard Bidding Documents

The Ministry of Power had issued a model Standard Request for Proposal (RfP) for selection of Transmission Service Provider through TBCB process to establish Inter-State transmission system projects in 2006. It has also issued model Standard Transmission Service Agreement (TSA) for development and operation of Inter-State transmission system through TBCB in2006. Both the documents were revised in 2021 and were amended in 2022.


This is a model RfP document which is issued by a bid process coordinator (BPC) to select a bidder as a transmission service provider through TBCB to establish an inter-state transmission system /project.

Model RfP 2021
Model RfP 2006


This document provides a standard model agreement signed between nodal agency and transmission service provider for development and operation of inter-state transmission system (ISTS) for power transmission through TBCB for a transmission project.

Model TSA 2021
Model TSA 2006