About the Portal

The power transmission business is regulated to ensure fair access and prices for users, efficient and reliable operation and to encourage optimal investments. A strong and robust power transmission system is key to reducing the overall cost of power and enhancing system reliability. This assumes even more importance in light of the inevitable transition to integrating high shares of renewables.

The power transmission sector is witnessing rapid growth in capacity and in coverage across India and presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges to policy makers, planners, system users, developers, consumers and other stakeholders. Systematic and timely sharing of accurate data is key for optimal power transmission planning and development of power transmission infrastructure. To facilitate and augment the initiatives of national and state agencies, a national level repository of the various documents and data pertaining to policies, plans, programmes, pricing framework, tariffs and other regulatory developments at the national level and across states has been developed in the form of "India Transmission Portal (ITP)".

The India Transmission Portal is a collaborative initiative of the Prayas (Energy Group) with technical support by Idam Infra. Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has provided valuable guidance for the portal.

This one stop portal provides easy access to electricity transmission policies, regulations, data related to transmission planning, performance and tariff at the central level and - states for investors, regulators, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders.