National Committee on Transmission

The Ministry of Power (MoP) through its notification dated 13th April 2018, had constituted the National Committee on Transmission (NCT) with identified Terms of Reference for the Committee. It was reconstituted again by a MoP notification dated 4th November 2019 with revised Terms of Reference. The committee is now mandated to evaluate the functioning of the National grid, consider the recommendations of the Regional Power Committee (Transmission Planning) (RPCTP) for system expansion, to evaluate the assessments of CTU and to make Perspective plans for 10-15 years' time horizon. The NCT was further reconstituted by a MoP notification dated 28th October 2021 with revised Terms of Reference. NCT is mandated to approve ISTS projects costing between ₹100 crore and ₹500 crore. For projects above ₹500 crore cost, NCT has to refer them to MoP for approval while for projects less than ₹100 crore cost, the CTU is the authority for approval. In addition to NCT, there were two other bodies involved in transmission system approval, namely, Empowered Committee on Transmission (ECT) and Regional Power Committee (Transmission Planning) (RPCTP) (one for each region). ECT was dissolved in 2019 after re-constitution of NCT. Furthemore, RPCTPs were dissolved in Oct, 2021 and NCT has been consulting Regional Power Committees (RPCs) since then. The minutes of meetings held by NCT can be accessed here.

Re-constitution of NCT (2021)Re-constitution of NCT (2019)Constitution of NCT (2018)