The aim of the portal is to make a national level repository for power transmission data and related documents which can supplement optimal transmission planning and development of transmission infrastructure and reduce the information asymmetry as well as to promote relevant policy and regulatory research and analysis.

The information and data provided on the portal are based on public sources of information obtained through power transmission related agencies.

Prayas (Energy Group) and Idam Infra have taken measures to ensure the correctness of the data shown in the portal, however we do not make any implicit or explicit claims about the accuracy of the same, and for all legal, and commercial purposes users / stakeholders should refer to relevant official legal documents.

We will improve this portal over time by periodically updating it when data becomes available in the public domain. We welcome contributions from all stakeholders to address any errors/data gaps as well as point us to any new data/documents which can be hosted on this portal.

Please write to energy@prayaspune.org with your suggestions and observations.