O&M guidelines for assets under TBCB

CEA has issued guidelines for roles and responsibility of New TSP (transmission service provider) and existing Substation owner for operation and maintenance (O&M) of assets created under TBCB (tariff based competitive bidding) Project. Along with this, CEA has also formulated standard O&M agreement for bay terminal equipment or terminal equipment associated with transformation capacity enhancement/ voltage up gradation works/ creation of new voltage level in existing substation/ new voltage expansion (addition of transformation capacity), etc. which results in addition of transformer(s). This is significant because in case of the assets of the New TSP which are co-located in the existing sub-station, detailed scope of works as well as the roles and responsibilities of the New TSP and existing TSP have not been clearly defined in the TBCB Bid documents.

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) guidelines and Standard Format for Memorandum of Understating between New TSP and Existing TSP